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Mike Cano - Professional Background

Mike CanoMike Cano is regarded as a leading sales and marketing figure in Hispanic newspapers and online throughout the nation. He is an award winning professional that has spent more than 30 years in media and advertising.

Mike has worked in key leadership positions for some of the largest and most important media companies in the country.

Before starting the Hispanic division of Insight Edge, Mike was Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships for La Opinion, in Los Angeles. He also served as Publisher of La Raza in Chicago and President/CEO of Impacto, a MediaNews product and the largest ABC audited Spanish-language weekly newspaper in the nation.

In September 2003, in the position of General Manager, Mike helped launch Al Día and for The Dallas Morning News and the Belo Corporation. Under his leadership, Al Día became the leading Spanish-language daily newspaper in Texas. In 2004, was awarded the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for best non-broadcast website.

Prior to launching Al Día, Cano served as the general manager of Excelsior, a Spanish-language newspaper published by The Orange County Register and Freedom Communications.

Cano began his newspaper career as a reporter and photographer in Southern California in 1980. In 1986, he worked in sales and marketing for The Daily Breeze, a Copley Los Angeles Newspaper.

In 1988, he was promoted to advertising manger of The Outlook, the second largest Copley newspaper in Los Angeles. In 1990, Cano joined the Los Angeles Times to help launch Nuestro Tiempo, a Spanish-language weekly with a circulation of more than 500,000 weekly copies. In 1995, he joined Knight-Ridder and launched El Economico, a Spanish-language weekly newspaper for the Press-Telegram in Long Beach, California.

Mike and Mario LopezCano earned a Bachelor's of Arts from Long Beach State University and completed an Executive Education program from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Cano is a lecturer on the power of diversity and the emerging U.S. Hispanic community.

Cano is a former regional director of the National Association of Hispanic Publications, advisory board member of the Orange County Salvation Army, board member of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, advisory board of the Texas Rangers Baseball Club and numerous civic and business organizations.

Mike and his wife Nubia have two sons: Stephen and Daniel.