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Enable your sales reps to create highly effective print and web ads—cut churn & increase ad revenues in 30 days or less!

  1. Get training that “sticks” and produces fast results—from the nation’s top ad trainer.
  2. See your rep’s ad-building skills and confidence increase immediately.
  3. Enable your reps to sell more ads, more often, increasing revenues.

Give them the training to quickly build highly effective print and web ads:

  • They learn the “secret” of how to dramatically increase the value of each ad’s offer—even if advertisers have ”common” or “everyday” products and services.
  • They learn how to write effective headlines—even those who don’t like writing or go brain-dead when they see a blank sheet of paper can do it!
  • They learn to create “Call to action” phrases in ads that produce instant response & much more.

Give them the training to quickly build ads faster-enabling them to be more productive:

  • They learn to use an“Advertiser Fingerprint” form  to gather the right ad-building info.
  • They learn to quickly summarize the essential “content” that goes into each ad that gets advertisers to approve ads faster.
  • They learn to be more organized and productive dividing advertisers into groups of “A’s”, B’s” and “C’s”, using a simple set of management skill-sets.

Give them the training to build confidence to quickly close more advertiser presentations:

  • They learn a simple (mostly overlooked) method for getting any prospect to WANT to meet them!
  • They learn to identify and use the “backbone” skills that cause advertisers to buy more ads, more often.
  • They learn the essential “psychological secrets” for controlling the outcome of meetings with advertisers—so there’s a “win win!” for everyone.


Enable your artists/production staff to design effective print and web ad layouts faster getting quicker advertiser approval!

  1. Give artists and designers the training they need and require to create and produce better ads—faster!
  2. Watch the morale and attitude of your artists and designers improve immediately.
  3. See the tension between your reps and artists dissolve in days.

Give them the training to quickly and consistently design effective print and web ads:

  • They learn the use of psychological principles to “emotionalize” ads to engage the target audience faster.
  • They learn to identify and eliminate the design mistakes that reduce ad effectiveness.
  • They learn to create more effective ad layouts faster, using proven “eye tracking” research that illustrates the visual sequence used by readers when viewing ads.

Give them the training to creatively manipulate photos and advertiser art and use type correctly for best effect:

  • They learn how to correctly “crop” and manipulate photos and art to produce the clearest, most dynamic visual impact.
  • They learn where to place visuals in ads and how to place visuals in relation to type.
  • They learn which typefaces work best for headlines, subheads and body copy and which typefaces distract and repel readers!

Give them the training to work smarter, faster and far more effectively:

  • They learn the right “ad building block” sequence for creating effective ads faster.
  • They learn how to communicate more effectively with ad sales reps to dramatically cut the number of “corrections” per ad.


A public “Ad workshop” run by David Fowler can bring your newspaper as much as $20,000 to $120,000 in instant ad revenues.

  1. Advertisers and prospective advertisers gain a deeper appreciation for the value of newspaper advertising and it’s effectiveness in growing a business.
  2. Advertisers love these workshops and the ideas they take away to implement immediately.
  3. Advertisers and prospective advertisers spend more money with the newspaper as a result of the workshop—revenue gains are instant.

Can a 2-hour public workshop, sponsored by your newspaper really produce the revenues promised? Absolutely yes. The workshop, titled, “Proven strategies to grow your business 20%, 30%, 50% or more in 12 months”, generated $60,000 within days of the workshop for a small weekly publication. A medium size daily paper generated $120,000. All directly attributable to this powerful workshop.

David Fowler’s workshops are literally considered “money in the bank”. They’re lively, interactive, insightful, entertaining, plus each strategy presented has been marketplace-proven and can be immediately implemented.

Designed for 70-80 participants, these workshops are presented by David with points illustrated by a strong PowerPoint presentation and an effectively written workbook handout (that bears your logo on the cover).  

Your advertisers and prospective advertisers will learn:

  1. How to “tweak” their business niche to instantly improve sales.
  2. How to use their database to dramatically increase sales on the backend.
  3. How to create effective print ads.
  4. How to create lead-generating banner ads.
  5. How to use create an email ad campaign and much, much more.

Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can best serve you, your sales team, and your customers! (760) 941-7120

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Insight Edge's mission is to increase our media partners’ value, revenue, and margins with practical services created and delivered by proven media experts.

We accomplish this through industry experience-based consulting, street-wise ad selling training programs, interim and permanent executive search placement, insightful rate analysis services, weekly newsletters for salespeople and the industry’s first independent 24/7 video on-demand ad sales training.

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