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Retargeting – Take Your Advertisers' Message Everywhere

Insight Edge now offers media companies a “white label” retargeting program

RetargetingOnline Retargeting is an ad technology that delivers your advertisers message to a highly receptive audience — those people already visiting their site! And, it delivers their message on any site their visitors travel; like,,, plus smaller high engagement sites like, or

With retargeting, advertisers can deliver ads to those people they know are interest in them – their site visitors! It’s not new as most major e-retailers are heavily invested in retargeting because they know a visitor to their site is familiar with them, interested in them, and easier to convert than someone who has never visited their site. Why do they use retargeting?

Because 98% of first time visitors to a site
will leave without taking any action whatsoever!

By reaching this audience with high frequency ads, they bring previous visitors back to their site where they can complete the purchase or action.

How Does Retargeting Work?

  • You supply the advertiser a “pixel code” they place within the html of their site pages
  • When a visitor comes to your advertiser’s site, the pixel places a cookie on their computer.
  • The visitor leaves your advertiser’s site and travels elsewhere online.
  • When we recognize the cookie on a site with an open ad space, your advertiser’s message is  delivered in the form of a display ad  

What are the Benefits of Retargeting?

  • Your advertiser’s message is delivered only to people that have visited their site
  • Visitors can be segmented by their interest.
  • Advertisers will run on brand name sites they could never afford on their own
  • Retargeting provides the ad frequency that motivates action.
  • Cookies are active for a timeframe you determine.
  • Ads appear on brand name and brand safe sites.
  • Extremely affordable and highly measurable.

How Does the White Label Program Work?

  • We provide the technology, you provide the sales
  • All materials will be branded as you specify
  • We provide sales training and program support for implementation
  • You market and sell, we handle the rest
  • Revenue share programs available on request

Programs are turn-key, supported by a dedicated account team, and easily executed with a full suite of reports to measure response. With Insight Edge, our goal is to provide the technical expertise and support required, leaving your team the time needed to present and develop new revenue.

Insight Edge Provides:

  • Reach of over 90% of all US Internet users
  • Ad distribution across all exchanges, networks and direct publishers– only brand safe sites included
  • Pixel tags for site placement with simple copy and paste implementation
  • Customized sales and presentation materials
  • Webinar based training
  • Creative ad development with quick turnaround
  • Full reporting of ad performance

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