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With programs ranging from sales to customer service to leadership to leading change to conflict resolution to team building, Insight Edge can assist your goals of taking your organization to the next professional level. We customize our programs with each engagement which, frankly, means additional work on our end, but does ensure that the training we deliver always meets our customers' wants and needs.

Our experienced executive instructors know how to deliver sessions that are relevant and practical while remaining fast-paced and appropriately fun. The relevance and practicality of our training will capture the attention and respect of your team. The fast pace and fun side of the delivery serves to prevent our programs from becoming a "flavor of the month" and promotes the instillation and implementation of the concepts long after we leave your building. In fact, it is extremely common for us to hear that an organization is still successfully using the principles from our sessions five years later! Not many training organizations can say that!

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Personality Based Selling Skills

With the aid of a personality profile that is customized for each participant, learn about your own particular style and how it is perceived by others. Learning about style will help to identify the style of those you work for, work with, prospects you approach and customers you presently have. Understanding “style” will enhance the students’ personal and professional lives.  This is a very entertaining and informative session.


In addition to the industry’s ultimate personality based programs, the Newspaper Sales Pro series also delivers a solid development program with an industry skill set focus. These programs go beyond the customer relationship that’s enjoyed through the Newspaper Sales Pro personality series (see above) and concentrates on advanced selling techniques that will challenge your seasoned staff along with your fresh new hires.

Strategic Selling
A system of selling that helps the sales pro always understand what they are doing, and why they are doing it, with every prospect / client that they are working with. This well-proven system allows the seller to understand who the “real” decision-maker is and who all the others who have influence on the outcome of their sales proposal are. This session is a great forum to review all of the topics in the curriculum, in relation to real accounts. Strategic Selling puts theory into practice.
Selling At The Top
How to identify true decision-makers at the top of marketing organizations; approach them; gracefully work through the “gatekeepers”; gain an appointment; and establish yourself as a “business partner”, rather than just another sales person.
Presentation Skills
Learn how to prepare and write compelling newspaper presentations that describe the benefits to a prospect/client. Using a well-structured and focused written presentation, learn how to improve the actual presentation across the desk, to a small conference room full of “influencers”, or to an auditorium full of potential prospects.
Time Management
Learn to understand the difference between “urgent” and “important” and set priorities in order to maximize the use of one of our most valuable commodities.
Multi-TASK Sales Process
Organize the selling efforts of your entire sales team. This program includes step-by-step follow up guidelines for the salespeople and managers. A process that is designed to build advertiser loyalty by utilizing skill sets for Targeting, Assessing, Selling, and Karing. Also identifies which accounts have the most potential and where to direct your time.
Business and Media Math
It’s surprising how most salespeople fail to use, or don’t realize how, math is the key to understanding the business of prospects and clients, and the root of all solution-based presentations. Covers the math basics that are essential to manage and service a sales territory. Complete with exercises and follow up.
Account List Management
Classification of accounts in order to understand what needs to be done to maximize existing accounts, secure new accounts and achieve quota.
Questioning and Listening Skills
Go against the stereotypical image of a “Let me tell you what I have for you today,” sales person, and into developing a greater capacity of professional communications. Learn how to listen better and ask questions in a manner that, at times, replaces the need for “closing”.  Gathering the appropriate information is critical. As the sales guru G.I. Joe says, “knowing is half the battle”.
Making Advertising Accountable
A training presentation that easily converts to a presentation the sales pro can use to inform advertisers. Learn step-by-step, what advertisers (and advertising sales people) need to know about how, what, where, when and why they should advertise. Learn how to manage the expectations of an advertiser, using a proven mathematical pro formula for advertising success and accountability.  This program helps reduce advertiser churn and provides skill sets that make your salespeople go from "good" to "great".
Creating Value with Superior Customer Service
Create a customer service perception that distinguishes you and your newspaper from other media resources.  Create the “WOW” factor in terms of retaining customers.
Key Advertising Categories - Being A Marketing Consultant
Learn what marketing really entails and how to create value for marketers in the top advertising categories. Detailed reports on industries that provide the insight needed to identify problems, concerns, difficulties and dissatisfactions that prospects/clients have, and how newspapers can help them.
New Business Development: Qualifying, Prospecting and Cold Calling
Covers all the basics along with some new skills. Learn how to make time in your busy schedule and the benefits of filling the “funnel” that keeps new business flowing.


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Insight Edge's mission is to increase our media partners’ value, revenue, and margins with practical services created and delivered by proven media experts.

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We accomplish this through industry experience-based consulting, street-wise ad selling training programs, major and national sales and service account representation, interim and permanent executive search placement, insightful rate analysis services, weekly newsletters for salespeople and the industry’s first independent 24/7 video on-demand ad sales training.

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