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Stop throwing time and money away!

Insight Edge Business and Hiring Suite can save you from $25,000 to $250,000 every time you hire.


Know What You're Hiring For

With the Job Profiler, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for even before you start your search, boosting the likelihood that your applicants will be more on target for the position.

Less Time Filtering = More Productivity

Filter your prospects with our Applicant Profiler, leaving only the right kind of people for the job. The Profiler allows you to see the results of all of the potential hires before they ever step foot in your office.

Find the Right People—Automatically

Automatically compare the scores of your best candidates to the open position with the Comparison Report and see how each applicant really stacks up — regardless of what their references tell you.

Make Interviews The Easiest Part

Interviews are the least accurate part of the hiring process. Our Interview Guide saves you the hassle and shows you what to ask and what to look for with the current job in mind, all the while increasing your hiring accuracy by 40%.

Discover Your Pattern

Our Personal Profiler lets you understand yourself better than you ever have before. A simple 24-question assessment returns you a 15-page report about how you communicate, how you act under stress, and how others see you.

Say The Right Things—Always

Knowing yourself is one thing, but knowing how others communicate is a different story. The Nutshell Report helps you understand how to communicate with others and how others should communicate with you.

Hire an employee without using the Insight Edge system? No way. That would just be ridiculous!

Sydney Gore

Co-owner and COO, Check-net