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About Business Suite
“First, Insight Edge improved our corporate culture by reducing conflict, then we used the system to increase sales and decrease employee turnover.”
John Kelly, Director of Sales / The Tacoma News Tribune

“We used the Business Suite to profile all job applicants. In our first year we reduced turnover by 68%. We saved nearly half a million dollars in overhead.”
Doug Baker, CEO / Moxie Java

“After profiling all of my people, I generated Comparison Reports of my relationships with them. Our communication rose to a higher level: we get more done with less time and effort than ever before.”
Carol Rice, Cafe Manager / Moxie Java

“Unlike most training programs and software tools, Insight Edge Business Suite delivers immediate and solid results. Because it’s something my people use on a daily basis, they should retain the skills for years.”
Mike Fery, CEO / F&C Corporation

“Hire an employee without using the Insight Edge system? No way. That would just be ridiculous.”
Sydney Gore, co-owner and COO / Checknet

“I stress Insight Edge – it’s the first thing we go over when hiring a new collector.”
Angela Kroff, Staff and Collections Manager / Checknet

About Communication
“The impact of Insight Edge (training) was felt almost immediately… first, employees understood their own communication challenges, then they gained a greater degree of cooperation with people who had previously had a difficult time even liking each other.”
Rick Lierz, President / Franklin Building Supply

“This program has dramatically helped everyone who has been exposed to it at Franklin Building Supply. This has increased our productivity because we spend less time in conflict and misunderstandings. The environment here is now more dynamic than ever.”
Janet Tucker, Director of Accounting / Franklin Building Supply

“My skepticism was swept away as I went through the training. It is, in my opinion, the single best training program I have seen.”
Erick Wadsworth, Sales Manager / Franklin Building Supply

“The Foundation course made me fully realize the power of the Insight Edge program. I was impressed with its instantly applicable nature as well as the lasting impact it had on me and my people.”
Tamra Brandstetter, CEO / Delta Dental

About Sales
“Not only did our sales take off within weeks of sales training, but as a company we began to apply Insight Edge to screening and the hiring of sales consultants. The result was an 18% reduction in turnover.”
Melissa Rice, CEO / Clothing Unlimited

“I had always been a good salesperson, but with Insight Edge selling formula, I moved from 38th right to the top 10.”
Ann Bonet, Sales / Clothing Unlimited

“We finished Insight Edge Sales training on Wednesday, and by Friday we had salesmen closing clients that they had been trying to close for months. Now we close deals by understanding the Pattern of the buyer. Thank you, Insight Edge!”
Gary Moore, VP of Sales / San Diego Union Tribune

About Leadership
“My administrators have gone from functional managers to motivating leaders who inspire unity in their teams. Our culture improved overnight.”
David Moody, VP of Human Resources / Salinas Regional Health Center

“All six of the Leadership skills gave us results. The most amazing changes came when my consultants learned to empower others and when they applied the skills for trust building in their teams. We are a different organization than we were last year, with better focus, efficiency, and morale.”
David Moody, VP of Human Resources / Salinas Regional Health Center

“Our nurse supervisors generate higher morale in the staff by taking the initiative with doctors and smoothing relationships. We have never operated with this level of harmony.”
Joyce Rynell, Director of Nursing Services / Salinas Regional Health Center

“Insight Edge Leadership has helped my doctors put their egos in check and focus on leading teams effectively.”
Keith Tintle, CEO / Intermountain Healthcare

About Teams
“As a new manager I was elated to see our response time to customer decrease to less than 30 minutes. It was upwards of two hours. Insight Edge Teams made it possible. Team standards became team actions.”
Dan West, Manager of Installations / Kaiser Permanente

“I was in conflict with the way my manager made decisions and responded to requests. It seemed to take forever. Learning his style and personality allowed me to change the method of requesting actions and decisions. The results were great. Quick responses, at time within minutes of my request.”
Frank, Installations Team / Kaiser Permanente

“The Insight Edge Teams course reduced our customer complaints by 42%. That was a number I took to my regional director with pride. He was pleased; less calls from the doctors and clinic administrator to him meant the goal was accomplished.”
Mary Wadsworth, Director of Information Services / Kaiser Permanente

“Overcoming the delays in response to system repairs and installs required a restructuring of all departments. Using Insight Edge Teams, we formed new teams, new standards, and as a result, our on-time levels for repairs and installs went from 61% to 93% in three and a half months.”
Roger Arnell, Director of Communication / EDS

About Customer Service
“Our team was already strong in service and communication, but after Insight Edge Customer Service we’re able to help the most difficult of customers without missing a beat. Even the most timid of my associates is now able to face anyone.”
Nancy Lake, Court Administrator / Fairfax County Courthouse

“Productivity skyrocketed within days of Insight Edge Customer Service training. Average ticket processing has nearly tripled simply because Insight Edge streamlined the way we communicate.”
Shiela Cook, Courts Admin Analyst / Federal Court of California

“I’ve seen grizzled judges and administrators break down and cry, they were so moved by this training. These people can now work together without butting heads. Insight changes lives.”
Bob Wiley, Director / National Association of Court Training

“Insight Edge Customer Service enhanced our already service-focused team in their ability to meet needs and defuse conflict. We now have more time to serve each customer.”
Gred Grodin, Supervisor / Walmart